The Delivery Man

The Delivery Man

“Who the hell is that man?” Ben whispers to me as he is freaking out.

“What is in the crate” I asked Ben.

“I don’t know. Is he trying to rob my house?” Ben commented cautiously.

As we turned the corner Ben was absolutely freaking out by now. We see a yellow vest. The vest is as bright as the sun. We hear him talking to someone. Ben parkour’s on to the roof and starts listening to the guy. I went around the back and I grab the secret gadget.

I parkour onto the roof with the gadget and I gave Ben the hacking gadget.

As I was sitting next to Ben I could feel the sweet on his body. The sweet gleaming in the made me have a flash back. The flash back was from when I was five years old.

Flash Back:

I was as frightened as a turtle with its prey about to eat it. I hear a smash as glass from the front door shatter’s to the ground. I was sweeting as much as a guy that had just done the Iron Man challenge. The robber walks straight past the cupboard where I was hiding. Through the slit of the cupboard I see a gun!

I hear the front door screeching closed over the shattered glass! I climb out of the cupboard and take away the cloth that hid my grandpa. We search the house and we find that the robber didn’t take anything.

Present Day:

The flash back came to me in an instant. It was as if I was reliving the moment. He hacks into the guy’s ear piece and listen in on the conversation. We hear him talking about breaking into Thomas’s house and getting his ID for the police. Ben jumps down on to the guy. He yelps. We see the vest fully and feel sorry for the guy that we had just jumped on.

The vest read Woolworths on the back. He looks up at us and we see that he is from another country. “Do you live here” the Woolworths man asked with such a thick accent we could hardly understand him.

“Yes” Ben responded.

“Do you know James Hoggan?” the Woolworths man asked us.

“No” Ben commented. Ben now a bit calmer.

Space Homework

3 Facts:

Elon Musk has made a system called the Mars Colonial Transporter also known as MCT. It is intended to take 100 people or 100 tones of cargo at one time.

This space shuttle has heaps more mass than any other space shuttle has ever done.

The MCT will be launched from  a single part on top of a colossal rocket. Elon Musk refers to this as Big Falcon Rocket.

2 Questions:

Will Sacex get the population of 8000 people on Mars?

How big will the next space ship be if this one is already bigger than all the others?

1 Wondering:

I wonder will mars some day in the future be our second home or even everyone lives there.

The Study of Astronomy

We watched an article called The Ancient Study of Astronomy and I learnt heaps.

3 Facts

This article talks about three different ancient races (Greeks, Babylonians and Mayans) that explored astronomy. I learnt from this article was that the Babylonians invented the calendar. The Mayans could predict motion of the planet. The Mayans also had a calendar the base number system was 20.

I wondering is that what would today look like without the calendar? And what would life be like now if we used the Mayans calendar

A question that I have and am sure a lot of other people have is how did they figure all this out in the ancient times, even if it was incorrect? Another question I had was that when exactly did the Babylonians invent the calendar?

Goal Relection

I think I have gotten better at spelling because whenever I came across an unusual word I would ask my mum or dad how to spell it after I had tried to spell it myself. I believe I have gotten better at finding different ways of doing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division but I could still work on them. I have also asked people. I have also worked on recording scientific lab reports because I did one with Ben who helped me record our science experiment together which helped me a lot.


Today I learnt the Drs ABCD from a guy named Tom. Who had come from the St Jones ambulance services? The D is for danger, the R is for response, the S is to send for help, the A is for airway, the B is for the breathing, the C is for CPR and the D is for defibrillator. If you come across an unconcise man or woman you do the Drs ABCD and for send for help call 000. Tom taught me heaps. I learnt the recovery position which clears the airway and pulls the tong from out of the mouth. When doing CPR you do 30 compressions to two breaths. Hopefully I don’t have to use the Drs ABCD.


The black flamingo was absolutely extraordinary because it was firstly black but also it was 1.7m in the air and normally this bird whose name is Stuart doesn’t go of the ground unless he jumps which is very, very rarely. But second of all Stuart had just poked his head out from underneath the surface of the water which Stuart normally doesn’t do. He normally stays on the grass. It was a very strange day for Stuart. After that day Stuart went back to his normal life and never acted strange ever again form then on.

BTN Volcanoes

In this text I will be stating my points on why people shouldn’t be allowed to live near volcanoes.

Firstly people think that volcanoes are extinct but there actually wrong because a volcano can only be called an extinct volcano when I doesn’t erupt for many thousand years and the volcano only erupted 100 years ago and because people don’t that the volcanoes not extinct its basically impossible to get everyone out safely because they will think it’s not the volcano because they think it is extinct.

Secondly when volcanoes erupt it isn’t the lava that is the real concern it is actually the pyroclastic. The pyroclastic is a mixture of hot ash and rock that slide down the face of the volcano really fast. You can’t out run the pyroclastic. So basically if you don’t have enough time to escape it your dead meant to it.

Those are all my points on why I strongly believe that no one should live next to a volcano.


It all started at my house. In the backyard. I was in the spa in my backyard. It was a lovely day the sunset setting and the warmth of the sun fading away was lovely on my back. My little sister had put some slime bath crystals in it and as I stared into the water it began to turn green because of the slime crystals. It was fun being in the slime bath but it got annoying after a while because it was hard to move around in the bath. It was also hard to get out of it.

BTN Chili VS Haiti Earthquake

In this BTN I strongly believe that Chilli had a much worse Earthquake then Haiti. These are my reasons why I know so?

My first reason why the Chili Earthquake is because Chili had a tsunami that was much worse than Haiti. The earthquake caused more than 200 people to die and caused a tsunami to happen which caused all of the boats to ether come ashore on land making it very hard to get past or the boats will go out to see where they will never be seen again. All of the damage that was caused by the tsunami costed around $24billion. The tsunami caused 61 people to die.

My second reason why Chili had a worse earthquake than Haiti was because the Chili earthquake was 8.8 on the richter scale and the Haiti earthquake was a 7 on the richter scale. For those people that don’t know what a richter scale is, the richter scale is a way of measuring the size of an earthquake. The higher the richter scale the more powerful it is meaning Chili had a much more powerful earthquake than Haiti.

Those are my two points on why I strongly believe that Chili had a much worse earthquake than Haiti in the sense that it was more powerful and that they had a Tsunami happen.


The trust of the punch pushed me back a meter or two. It was the hardest punch in the world that I had ever felt. I got up straight away. The guy in the mask that had punched me was putting his hand in one of his coat pocket and pulled something that looked extraordinarily like a mini dagger. My friend asked me what it was and I replied with the same answer he asked me. The masked guys weapon broke  in half mysteriously. He asked his friend if he could fix it and he said “but how would I know…”