BTN Chili VS Haiti Earthquake

In this BTN I strongly believe that Chilli had a much worse Earthquake then Haiti. These are my reasons why I know so?

My first reason why the Chili Earthquake is because Chili had a tsunami that was much worse than Haiti. The earthquake caused more than 200 people to die and caused a tsunami to happen which caused all of the boats to ether come ashore on land making it very hard to get past or the boats will go out to see where they will never be seen again. All of the damage that was caused by the tsunami costed around $24billion. The tsunami caused 61 people to die.

My second reason why Chili had a worse earthquake than Haiti was because the Chili earthquake was 8.8 on the richter scale and the Haiti earthquake was a 7 on the richter scale. For those people that don’t know what a richter scale is, the richter scale is a way of measuring the size of an earthquake. The higher the richter scale the more powerful it is meaning Chili had a much more powerful earthquake than Haiti.

Those are my two points on why I strongly believe that Chili had a much worse earthquake than Haiti in the sense that it was more powerful and that they had a Tsunami happen.

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