BTN Volcanoes

In this text I will be stating my points on why people shouldn’t be allowed to live near volcanoes.

Firstly people think that volcanoes are extinct but there actually wrong because a volcano can only be called an extinct volcano when I doesn’t erupt for many thousand years and the volcano only erupted 100 years ago and because people don’t that the volcanoes not extinct its basically impossible to get everyone out safely because they will think it’s not the volcano because they think it is extinct.

Secondly when volcanoes erupt it isn’t the lava that is the real concern it is actually the pyroclastic. The pyroclastic is a mixture of hot ash and rock that slide down the face of the volcano really fast. You can’t out run the pyroclastic. So basically if you don’t have enough time to escape it your dead meant to it.

Those are all my points on why I strongly believe that no one should live next to a volcano.

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