The Delivery Man

The Delivery Man

“Who the hell is that man?” Ben whispers to me as he is freaking out.

“What is in the crate” I asked Ben.

“I don’t know. Is he trying to rob my house?” Ben commented cautiously.

As we turned the corner Ben was absolutely freaking out by now. We see a yellow vest. The vest is as bright as the sun. We hear him talking to someone. Ben parkour’s on to the roof and starts listening to the guy. I went around the back and I grab the secret gadget.

I parkour onto the roof with the gadget and I gave Ben the hacking gadget.

As I was sitting next to Ben I could feel the sweet on his body. The sweet gleaming in the made me have a flash back. The flash back was from when I was five years old.

Flash Back:

I was as frightened as a turtle with its prey about to eat it. I hear a smash as glass from the front door shatter’s to the ground. I was sweeting as much as a guy that had just done the Iron Man challenge. The robber walks straight past the cupboard where I was hiding. Through the slit of the cupboard I see a gun!

I hear the front door screeching closed over the shattered glass! I climb out of the cupboard and take away the cloth that hid my grandpa. We search the house and we find that the robber didn’t take anything.

Present Day:

The flash back came to me in an instant. It was as if I was reliving the moment. He hacks into the guy’s ear piece and listen in on the conversation. We hear him talking about breaking into Thomas’s house and getting his ID for the police. Ben jumps down on to the guy. He yelps. We see the vest fully and feel sorry for the guy that we had just jumped on.

The vest read Woolworths on the back. He looks up at us and we see that he is from another country. “Do you live here” the Woolworths man asked with such a thick accent we could hardly understand him.

“Yes” Ben responded.

“Do you know James Hoggan?” the Woolworths man asked us.

“No” Ben commented. Ben now a bit calmer.

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