The black flamingo was absolutely extraordinary because it was firstly black but also it was 1.7m in the air and normally this bird whose name is Stuart doesn’t go of the ground unless he jumps which is very, very rarely. But second of all Stuart had just poked his head out from underneath the surface of the water which Stuart normally doesn’t do. He normally stays on the grass. It was a very strange day for Stuart. After that day Stuart went back to his normal life and never acted strange ever again form then on.


It all started at my house. In the backyard. I was in the spa in my backyard. It was a lovely day the sunset setting and the warmth of the sun fading away was lovely on my back. My little sister had put some slime bath crystals in it and as I stared into the water it began to turn green because of the slime crystals. It was fun being in the slime bath but it got annoying after a while because it was hard to move around in the bath. It was also hard to get out of it.


The trust of the punch pushed me back a meter or two. It was the hardest punch in the world that I had ever felt. I got up straight away. The guy in the mask that had punched me was putting his hand in one of his coat pocket and pulled something that looked extraordinarily like a mini dagger. My friend asked me what it was and I replied with the same answer he asked me. The masked guys weapon broke  in half mysteriously. He asked his friend if he could fix it and he said “but how would I know…”

100WC #2

fireflies-long-exposure-photography-2016-japan-19It was one of those days, again. Boring and absolutely nothing to do without using the gun we had. Until my brother came and asked if I want to go into the yellow forest near the edge of the cliff. I said “absolutely”. So we start our journey into the forest until see this swarm of yellow circles hovering as far as we could see. My brother grabbed one and it turned it a pot of gold worth a couple thousand dollars. Later that day I had picked up every yellow circle in the forest. We took it home and mum was aghast at the amount of money we had.


Once upon a time on a day like today there was a beautiful sunshine that was purple. The ice like breeze was refreshing after the warmth of the sun being on you for several hours. But after the breeze had passed over I felt as if I could fly I have always wanted to fly. Once in my dream I flew from one place to another. I was frightened by the experience but I also felt special because I was flying and none of my friends where. Back to the sunshine. Our days are a mixture of different weathers in one.


Once upon a time there was a boy that loved yellow air- plane jelly. He would eat air-plane jelly every day because he could. When he got bored of eating air-plane jelly he would play the violin because that was his second favourite thing to do until one day his violin got swept away to the cities monster who had eaten it before I could get there to save it. He was so sad because he didn’t have a third favourite thing to do which made everyone sad in the whole city until they all decided to show him their favourite thing to do.

100WC #21

The big day had finally come after the long hard wait. It was the grand final in my soccer. We were half way in to the match when a whistle blew and everyone disappeared and I was the only person left on the ground I didn’t know what to when I hear the whistle blew again and I could see everyone on the ground again. The whistle never blew again and from that day on I had never felt better to have people around me even if it’s mum when she is being mean and bossy that’s the same with dad.


“What is this marvels bit of bronze here.” I exclaimed. “It looks to me as if it’s worth $200,000.” My partner said. “Why don’t we carry it over to boss and sell it to him if he wants to.” I spoke loudly. When we had walked through the creaky door.  A loud thump on the desk was when we knew that there was a problem or he wanted it. “What’s wrong master” I asked. “What’s wrong I will tell you what’s wrong “boss said. “Firstly this is worth more than $200,000 and secondly I wont it NOW” he yelled.

100WC #9

“It was the most wonderful site in the world isn’t it!” I yelled as it echoed down the tunnel to Jack my friend. “Yes it is the most wonderful site” Jack yelled back. As the flame flickered and then went out. I started hearing things that didn’t sound friendly. I started to sprint just as I hear a shriek of pain that came from Jack. I stopped immediately and ran back to Jack. I pulled him up on to my sore shoulder by accident and then we walked very fast even though he has got a sore leg. We told his mum and she was angry.

100WC #8

This is such an astounding site to see! Right there in front of me. It was a swan in pyjamas.  It swam so fast I almost didn’t see it. It was very interesting because there was silence all around and all swans are very, very loud.  Thunder roared above us but the thunder was very different, it was orange and green which was really odd. Silence had fallen upon us again, it seemed to becoming from nowhere but everywhere at the same time. It was the two most astounding sites I will ever encounter.