the pen

The Pen

The water crystal clear. Perfectly clear. It smelt of fresh salt. It smelt of the summer holidays. The wave’s lapping. My brother playing in the sun setting sand.

Our mum called use in for dinner. As I was walking I saw a door even though I could smell the fresh fish and chips my mum had bought. It was so tempting to go have dinner though I opened the door. I realized it was a basement.

I had a look at what was inside when I realized that the books where in the 1961 when my grandpa Joe was alive. I picked up one of the books. It was old, tattered and all ripped up. The room smelt of a million year old books.

The book that I had picked up was the dairy of “Joe’s wonderful life adventures.” I went inside to have dinner. “What took you so long, wait, what is in your hands” Mum exclaimed. “I was in the basement and it is the diary of Grandpa “Joe’s wonderful life adventures” I replied.

“We don’t have a basement” mum shrieked. “Put back where you found it Young man after dinner” mum said shocked. Though after dinner instead of putting it away I started to read it.

January 15th 1961

Slouched with my hands on my knees tired of having to go to every crocket tournament which takes for ever to get to. Same old, same old, same old crocket. This time after the tournament my brother chucked me a pen of participating in the Mt Evalyn crocket competition. I picked up the pen.

Just as I had touched it I was in world a grassland with a castle it looks like in the distance. I felt a gush of wind as the real world came back to me though I had dropped the pen on the floor. I picked it back up just only this time I used my sleeve.

I took it home so I could analyse the pen. When I did get home I was getting ready to ride my bike to the castle when I realized my home was the castle. I was in my room analysing the pen when I recognized that a little boy was sitting on my bed obviously waiting for me.

“What are you doing in my room get out now” I bellowed. “Please don’t yell” he replied. “I am Otso and I will tell you everything you want to know even about the world” Otso exclaimed. “I will also tell you everything absolutely everything” Otso shrieked lightly.

January 16th 1961

“Ok then, explain away” I declared. “Ok then I will get started before it’s too late” Otso responded. “Wait, wait, wait hold it right there” I protested. “Too late for what” I anxiously said. “I will start explaining whose we are in the horse and kart” Otso said.

My brother over hears me so I tell him to tell dad and mum that I am camping with Tom and Jerry I said off the top of my head. He believes me and I give him $20. He is so reliable so you can tell him a secret and he will keep it until you want him to tell them.

“So tell me about the castle and the different world” I asked. “Ok, though I can’t tell you because we are going to a house that has a person that will tell you everything” Otso replied. “Why can’t you tell me everything” I asked. “Because it is a rule that the king made up.

So now except you can see this world this world is a place only for mad scientists go so they don’t get in trouble or make a mess. They can make whatever they want. They can let their imagination go wield. They have a king that makes all the robots that help keep the place nice and tidy. The robots also protect the scientists. He also makes sure that the inventions are kept under control.

January 17th 1961

“Who? What? When? Where? Why?” I asked trilled. “STOP ASKING QUESTIONS, PLEASE, I WILL SHUT DOWN IF YOU KEEP ON ASKING QUESTIONS” Otso bellowed. “How do you shut down” I asked. Beep as he shuts down. “Whoops” I said shocked.

I pushed him back in to my seat and I start steering the horse for the very first time in my life. The trip was the longest and quietest I had been in, in my whole entire life. Beep as Otso comes back to the real reality. “Finally you’re alive” I said. “Turn right of the road onto Shamrock Av” Otso told me. “It is number 64” Otso also told me.

As we were parking outside 64 Shamrock Av I see that the house is very, very old. As we were walking to the house I here woofing and barking from a dog. I see the dog so I start sprinting back to the horse and kart.

I trip over just in time because the dog was on a chain and couldn’t come any closer. The dog was a big, black, bad dog. The dog continues to bark at me. I realise that the dog wasn’t making any foot prints.

I carefully go to touch the dog. When my hand touch the dog I couldn’t feel him. My hand was in his body. I guessed it was only a hologram and walked up to the door. At the door I could hear sounds and before I knew it I was pushed back 5 meters and feeling sick at the same time. I had an idea to get in.

January 18th 1961

I lit the tractor on fire and drove straight at the house the person that owns the house came running out with an extinguisher. I ran inside and locked him out. I went around the house to learn a bit about this guy. I went into the camera room. There was a timer counting down “1 year, 2 months, 3 weeks, 4 days, 5 hours, 6 minutes and 7 seconds.

I heard a door open and see the guy come in with Otso and I ask him “what is the timer for.” “it is until the world full of scientists get over loaded and die and the human race there will be gone forever” he replied sadly.

Otso walks around the house and comes back to us and says “lovely house, very nice house” as if nothing had just happened between the two of them. “Thank you, I have had this house since I was twenty and now I am sixty” he said. “What is your name young boy” he said.  “Joe, what’s yours” I said. “Sam” Sam replied.

“Nice to meet you” Sam said. What brings you here” Sam asked shocked. “I brought Joe here because he wants to know about the secret world” Otso replied. “Why the hell did you bring him into this mess?”

January 19th 1961 1:30

The secret world is only for scientists that want to let their imaginations go wield. They can create anything they desire without getting in trouble or making a mess. There is a king that runes the world, he keeps all of the crazy, crazy inventions from going wield. He also makes all the robots that keep the place clean but also protect the place.

They also like to spy on people making their inventions. Though the robots are too big, load and bulky so they fail. Everyone would catch them spying on them if they were spying. Non- of the robots got to see the inventions until they were done.

Every year they send out a bunch of kids to give pens to mad crazy scientists. They are trying to recruit people. They get more people who have new inventions, who inspire all of the other scientists. Some of the new scientists get some crazy ideas and course some chaos between the people.

January 19th 1961 3:30

“So why did you give me the pen” I asked Otso. “Because Jin Jay who is the king is in a fight with the second king John and Jin Jay isn’t controlling all of the crazy inventions and all of the robots” Otso replied. “Oh” Joe sighed. “And we need you to make them friends again so the world doesn’t get to cramped up with inventions” Otso exclaimed. “We need to get to the world before it gets to bad” Sam shrieked.

So how do we get to this world” I asked. “We need to into the Russian Cosmonaut Yuari Garin which will sling us up to a thousand km a second which will get us into the world” Sam and Otso stated at the same time.

January 21st 1961 1:30

“Where in the world are we” I said shocked. “It is the world I told you about” Sam replied. “It is so cramped up” I exclaimed. “That’s because of Jin Jay and John fighting” Otso and Sam said synchronized.

“That’s why we needed you”. “Over the years of them fighting it has gotten this cramped up” Sam said. “I need to see how they are fighting which may take a while, then I will be able to stop them fighting and make them friends” I said.

It was horrid to listen to them argue. It was like a hundred pieces of scraping metal going on for ever and ever. They just would not stop arguing. I had been analysing for the past three hours. And I finally had an idea ti stop them arguing.

January 21st 1961 4:30

I had to get both of them to forget that they were ever fighting and then they will become friends hopefully and redo the world back to its normal form. Now I have the idea I have to do the idea. Coming up with the plan was the easy part now for the hard part doing it? “Hey Jin Jay have you seen the world today it is really good except it’s a bit cramped doesn’t it” I asked Jin Jay.

“No it doesn’t look to good at all I will fix it immediately” Jin Jay replied. Once I had done that I went over to John and said the exact same thing though to John. John went over to Jin Jay and started helping him as if nothing had ever happened.

I now know that just because you are fighting doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make other people suffer and you should try to become friends and leave the argument behind. People suffer just because you are suffering doesn’t mean that other people should suffer.

The End

Problem Solving Reflection

it is a lot easier to do the goal that was set out more than I did when I first came. I learnt a lot such as the 4 problem solving steps and the extension of trying to find more than 1 answer and the patterns. I have exactly gotten better at using the mathematicians toolbox and I also got better at using the 4 problem solving steps. I can prove this because I did a question and I tried to include them into the question. in the future I will keep on practising just like the phrase says “practice makes perfect”. it is important because in the future it will help me a lot if I come across this stuff again.

BTN Music Education

BTN Music Education

Do you play an instrument?  Because schools want to make the music lessons go longer. People are playing lots of music because people say that music gives you things that people wouldn’t get not doing it. I now know why people play musical instruments which is because people gain stag confidence and even knowing how to play an instrument. The whole purpose of music in high schools is to make younger kids inspired to start a musical instrument. In the future I now know that there will be a lot more musicians in the world then now. When you are older you could be writing songs that get famous and you get famous. How many people will be musicians in the future?

BTN Ping Pong

BTN Ping Pong Champ

Do you know what ping pong is? Well ping pong is a game that in the Olympics and the power Olympics. Yasir Hussaini is in the power Olympics. If you played him you might think that he has been playing for all his life. I now know that people who are disabled can do the same things that us normal people can do. Even play tennis when they are blind. Yasir picked up a bat and ball for the first time in his life when he was in year 7 and all it takes is for someone to train hard to get good. I now know that lots of people can play table tennis even if they’re disabled in sort of way. Like Yasir he has cerebral palsy which is where you can’t move as well as normal people can. Even if you have had some really hard times in your life you can always try a sport like ping pong or another and it is fun an entertaining. I still wonder how people can become so good when your so young and have advisability?

Million Dollor Painting

Splat as the thick red paint splats onto the canvas. “What are you painting” exclaimed Sam. “I’m painting um um a ladybird” replied Tom. “Why” Tom asked. “Just wondering what I should do” acknowledged Sam.
Without further a do Sam was splating the red paint on to. He was making a butterfly instead of a ladybird. When they where done which was at 5:30pm they took the last look at  the canvas and went off home. The next day they came back and the canvas was gone though $20,000 was in its place with a note sayin BEST ARTWORK EVER!!!!!

School Captain Speech

Dear Classmates,

My name is Trent and my family has been part of Moonee Ponds Primary for the past 10 years. My sister Zoe is in year 9 and in my time of being here I have been in a wide range of activities.

I am good at being organised because in 2015 at the start of the year I wouldn’t get all my homework done on time, but now I get it don’t on the first3days of it being sent out. I get it done on time because I have a sticky note on my computer telling me what and when to do my homework. I also look at my diary every night and check what it is. I keep everything neat and tidy and never loose important things. I have an incredible memory because I still remember my 2 birthday cake. It was a train cake.

I am very well at talking to a wide range of ages like I can talk to kids that don’t even know how to speech English and in class if someone comes up to me and askes for help I I’ll be happy to help them. I can talk to teachers/instructors because at dog club I have to talk to them about the techniques.i can talk to parents really well because when ever I go home talk to my mum about the day and what has been happening. I can also talk to all the parents in my soccer team because I get along well with them.

I will always be open to new leaning experiences because one day I never knew how to play netball and I was scared even though I hadn’t tried it. To this day I like playing netball because of this one netball lesson. If I didn’t get something right I just kept on having a go and eventually got it. It would connect to being a school captain because you may come across some new learning experience. I will be happy to try anything come in my path even if I don’t think that I’m going to like I will have a go.

Kind Regards,


BTN BMX Freestyle

BTN BMX Freestyle

BMX stands for bicycle motor cross. Different people do their skills in different ways there is park ramps, dirt freestyle and flat land freestyle. Free style is different to racing because racing has been around a lot longer. The riders start on a steep hill to gain speed up to 70 km an hour. I now know how popular it can be because it has been around since the 1970’s and over the years the rules have stayed pretty much the same. Race bikes are made from aluminium which means that the bike is lighter which makes them go faster as you would in races. The freestyle bikes have stunt pegs which help the rider move the bike into different positions for different tricks. BMX riding is so cool because you can do all these cool tricks though it is very dangers because people can fall doing one of the tricks and hurt yourself. BMX freestyle pretty much speech’s for its self because you have the freedom of as creative and daring as you want that’s why they call it Freestyle BMX. I still wonder why people do BMX freestyle when it is so dangers?

Sherlock Holmes

I am Sherlock Holmes and I love being a detective. Ring, Ring the phone went off. I picked it up and they said that someone has died and their skeleton is in a river of mud. John & I went to the seen to find more info  but there was no evidence to be found. Though 1 thing for sure was that if it was a person then their died for sure. Sherlock broke part of the skeleton and immediately knew that it was a fake skeleton. As he was going home they got another call for another scene and was off again.

BTN Olympic BMX

BTN Olimpic BMX

Did you know that in 2008 BMX became an Olympic? Well even though you can get a lot of injures it can be a lot of fun. Some people have been practising quite a bit until BMX did become in the Olympics. I now know how much people like BMX. Some people do it for fun though some people play it for comps and different people like different things. For the first time Australia is going into the Olympics for BMX. Though no other countries have been in the Olympics. I now know why so many people are getting ready for the Olympics it’s because there are lots of other people that want to be in. BMX racing is just mad sprint going as fast as you can. Sometimes getting up to 70 km per hour. I still wonder why people like doing BMX?