School Captain Speech

Dear Classmates,

My name is Trent and my family has been part of Moonee Ponds Primary for the past 10 years. My sister Zoe is in year 9 and in my time of being here I have been in a wide range of activities.

I am good at being organised because in 2015 at the start of the year I wouldn’t get all my homework done on time, but now I get it don’t on the first3days of it being sent out. I get it done on time because I have a sticky note on my computer telling me what and when to do my homework. I also look at my diary every night and check what it is. I keep everything neat and tidy and never loose important things. I have an incredible memory because I still remember my 2 birthday cake. It was a train cake.

I am very well at talking to a wide range of ages like I can talk to kids that don’t even know how to speech English and in class if someone comes up to me and askes for help I I’ll be happy to help them. I can talk to teachers/instructors because at dog club I have to talk to them about the techniques.i can talk to parents really well because when ever I go home talk to my mum about the day and what has been happening. I can also talk to all the parents in my soccer team because I get along well with them.

I will always be open to new leaning experiences because one day I never knew how to play netball and I was scared even though I hadn’t tried it. To this day I like playing netball because of this one netball lesson. If I didn’t get something right I just kept on having a go and eventually got it. It would connect to being a school captain because you may come across some new learning experience. I will be happy to try anything come in my path even if I don’t think that I’m going to like I will have a go.

Kind Regards,




I think I should be the I.C.T rep because I know a lot of things about computes & other stuff about electronics.

I like working with people that know a lot about I.C.T because I can learn stuff from them & even if they don’t know a lot about I.C.T because I can teach them some stuff that they might not know. I like teaching people stuff because it feels good to teach people stuff they don’t know. If you don’t believe me go ask my dad.

My dad is head of I.C.T at his school & me teaches me everything he has learnt that day if he didn’t know it. So I now know a lot about I.C.T & what there is to do. I.C.T is a thing that runs in our family because when my sister was at the school she was an I.C.T member at the time. My mum is a person that does research at the hospital & she also fixes all the computes in the hospital.

I can kind of fix computers but I still need some help on that topic so you can teach me some stuff instead of me teaching you everything I know which will be good for a change because I don’t have to teach you everything you can teach me some stuff about the computers & we can have lots of fun together.

That is why I think a should be the I.C.T rep for our class I mean I definitely am going to be the BEST I.C.T rep the class has every had.

S.R.C Letter

S.R.C Speech

Hi my name is Trent & I think I should be the S.R.C representative for our class because I will think really hard about the things you tell me.

Firstly I will let everyone have a go at sharing their thoughts. I will also think about your questions really hard so that your ideas will be used as much as possible.

Secondly I will help the school as much as I can so we get a lot more stuff in our school witch will help use a lot because we need good stuff so we can do our work in class a lot better. I will also make shore we get good stuff not bad stuff that we can’t do our work with.

Last but not least I will make shore that we all respect the school vales. So that means that while we have play time out side I will respect other people. I will care for people. So if someone is hurt I will care for them & help them with whatever it is they need help with. I will also be optimistic about things that are stressful for people like me. I will also collaborate with people that are hurt or something.

So that’s why you should defiantly chose me as your S.R.C representative for our class & I am also defiantly the BEST S.R.C representative in the whole wide world.