BTN Volcanoes

In this text I will be stating my points on why people shouldn’t be allowed to live near volcanoes.

Firstly people think that volcanoes are extinct but there actually wrong because a volcano can only be called an extinct volcano when I doesn’t erupt for many thousand years and the volcano only erupted 100 years ago and because people don’t that the volcanoes not extinct its basically impossible to get everyone out safely because they will think it’s not the volcano because they think it is extinct.

Secondly when volcanoes erupt it isn’t the lava that is the real concern it is actually the pyroclastic. The pyroclastic is a mixture of hot ash and rock that slide down the face of the volcano really fast. You can’t out run the pyroclastic. So basically if you don’t have enough time to escape it your dead meant to it.

Those are all my points on why I strongly believe that no one should live next to a volcano.

BTN Chili VS Haiti Earthquake

In this BTN I strongly believe that Chilli had a much worse Earthquake then Haiti. These are my reasons why I know so?

My first reason why the Chili Earthquake is because Chili had a tsunami that was much worse than Haiti. The earthquake caused more than 200 people to die and caused a tsunami to happen which caused all of the boats to ether come ashore on land making it very hard to get past or the boats will go out to see where they will never be seen again. All of the damage that was caused by the tsunami costed around $24billion. The tsunami caused 61 people to die.

My second reason why Chili had a worse earthquake than Haiti was because the Chili earthquake was 8.8 on the richter scale and the Haiti earthquake was a 7 on the richter scale. For those people that don’t know what a richter scale is, the richter scale is a way of measuring the size of an earthquake. The higher the richter scale the more powerful it is meaning Chili had a much more powerful earthquake than Haiti.

Those are my two points on why I strongly believe that Chili had a much worse earthquake than Haiti in the sense that it was more powerful and that they had a Tsunami happen.

BTN New Zealand Earthquakes

I think that New Zealand couldn’t be better prepared for the second earthquake.

Firstly New Zealand had only recently had a 7.1 percentage on the rictor scale. Then not long after that they had a 6.1 rating. So they couldn’t have been more prepared than they already where. That is why New Zealand couldn’t have been better prepared.

Secondly New Zealand didn’t know that they were going to have another earthquake because scientist haven’t figured out how to trace if an earthquake is about to happen. They also don’t know where it is going to be. So New Zealand couldn’t be better prepared than they already where.

Those are all my reasons why I strongly believe that New Zealand couldn’t be any better prepared than they already where.

BTN Seed Bank

I strongly believe that the seed bank in the arctic is worth the money and here are my reasons why I think so.

Firstly if a country has a natural disaster come through and they lose all of their crops then they won’t have any crops to rely on but they can ask the seed bank for some seeds and they would get some seeds to start up the population of crops again.

Secondly if all of the crops die out then the country that the crops died out would have no fresh produce because all of their produce has died meaning everyone’s going to have to live of all of the food that the super markets have saved which won’t be very good because the produce they have saved over time.

In conclusion that is why we should definitely have a seed bank and it isn’t a waste of time.

BTN Leaders of Australia

Of all the leaders, I believe that my vote if I could vote I would definitely vote for Malcom Turnbull.

First of all Malcom Turnbull has had experience before he joined the government. He was a journalist, lawyer and a business man, which is going to help him when working with people and contributing their ideas to try and make Australia a better place.

Secondly Malcom Turnbull wants Australia to have a stronger economy through growth of student’s boys and girls doing STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) subjects so we can learn more facts so we can more medicines. He is also say things like ‘jobs and growth’ which is giving people more advantages for people getting employed and growth in making Australia a better home to us all.

Those are all my points on why if I could vote I would defiantly vote for Malcom Turnbull because he has had experience before he joined the government and also he wants jobs to have growth so kids and adults can get jobs.

BTN Animal Testing

I personally think that we should never test cosmetic stuff on animals to see if the product is safe or not.
Firstly animals have hard enough times with their own life don’t need any more trouble with all of these scars, blisters and some others. The animals that you are testing the product is have to deal with it until it goes away. If they’re going to do it on animals then do it to us because for dogs and other animals we are the animals in their eyes. I wonder if we band all the brands that tested there product on an animal would there even be one brand left that didn’t test it on animals.
So, if you do see a brand that has tested it on animals call a place that looks after animals and when you do, do it you will feel it is the right thing to do.

BTN Circus Animals

My personal opinion is that animals should not be allowed to perform in the circus and here’s why.

Firstly the animals aren’t in their natural habitat which means that they don’t get to meet new animals of their kind. They are kept in cages away from the greenery and social interaction with other animals of their kind. Plus the animals might not even wont to be in the circus and are still being forced to do all of these stunts. The animals are pretty much in captivity their whole lives without seeing any of their spices.

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BTN Poaching

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Three facts I found in the BTN was that in 2008 nearly 6,000 rhinos have been killed by poachers. Lots of leaders of around the world have agreed to stop illegal animal parts coming into the countries but it hasn’t stopped it from happening. The poachers mostly come out at night because it is harder to see them. Two questions I would like to be answers are why rhino body parts are pay so much money? Why not get helicopters to go out at night and find the poachers? I wondering I had in this BTN was what will the world be like if we didn’t have any rhinos left in the world? Even though rhinos are expensive and can kill people it doesn’t mean you go out killing them and if you can do something about it call a company that stops poaching.

BTN Selling Soccer

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3 facts I found in this BTN would be it is one of the most popular sports to play for kids. Some clubs cost $800 for a year for kids to play. Australia put together an expansive bid that cost millions of dollars. 2 questions I would like to be answered are why do kids want to play soccer? Why is it the most popular sport in the country?  I wondering I had in the BTN would be what would the world be like without soccer as a sport?

BTN Smart Dogs

Do you have a pet dog? Most of us think ours is the best, cutest & cleverest dog out there. Sorry to break it to you but there not because the dogs that are in Afghanistan with some very brave men fighting. As you know Afghanistan is one of the most dangers places in the WORLD & dogs are there in the army. The dogs & the handlers have to have a great bound or else your dog might be died meat. I don’t think there would be a lot many dogs that die but why do they use dogs anyway? Why don’t they use a different animal? What would the world be like if there were no dogs?