Semester 1 Goals

Semester 1 2016

Personal Goals:

I would like to get better spelling. I could achieve my goal by slowing down when I write and think mostly about the spelling and at the end go over it twice. I would also like to improve on understanding the question of a maths question. To do this I can slow down when doing maths questions and I could also double check the question. Also I would like to improve my handwriting. I could do this by slowing down when writing and go over my writing more than once.

Student Comment:

I have achieved my goals because my handwriting has gotten better since the start of the year because I have slowed down writing and if I was behind I finished my work at lunch and not in class rushing it. Another goal is to get better at my spelling and I have gotten better. I slowed down and payed close attention to what I am spelling and went over my writing more than once. I did get better at my maths because I have double read the question and slowed down as I read it.

Teacher Comment:






My Future Goals:

I would like to get better at my spelling. I could achieve this by asking to get a spelling game on my computer and do it every night for 10 to 15 minutes. I would like to get better at trying to find new ways of doing multiplication, addition, subtraction and division. I can achieve this goal by asking the person next to me to help me and I could also get an app on my computer that shows different ways of doing them. I would like to record science experiments. I could do this by asking Jude.

Letter To Jude

Dear Jude,

I hope we have a great year together and I can use my brute strength to help pull down the outside blinds from the sun. I love plants and nature because it all around us. But also plants and nature are beautiful. I have heard that you love plants and nature which is good but also I have heard that you are the best teacher for moving up into high school. I have never been in your class before and I am really happy to be in your class.

My holidays where full of fun interesting things. I like helping out my grandparents and especially my grandpa because he has been in hospital for a bit. So I have gone over to him and helped cheer him up. I have been helping him for a while now and I don’t argue to go and see him in hospital. I like being with him because he doesn’t get many visitors. Visit him regular. He has done so many nice things for me I decided to do some nice things back. Me and my dad go to his house and get his mail and give it to him because he can’t get it himself.

Christmas was fantastic. We had my grandpa come over and have a Christmas lunch with the family. We made so much yummy food we couldn’t stop eating we started at midday and didn’t finish till 3:00pm. My sister mad this lovely panettoni bread and butter pudding which was the best. My dad made most of the lunch but mum made the salads. I love making the platers or nibbles for the day so I did make them.

We didn’t take that long to open the presents but we all got what we wanted. I got a longboard for Christmas from my mum and dad and I got blue-tooth speakers which I have been wanting for a while. I also got this 155 puzzle toy that is fun to play with. I have only figured out 1 puzzle.

I play a lot of sport. I do futsal on Friday, swimming on Saturday, futsal game on Saturday and tennis on Sunday. I like playing sport because it keeps me fit and healthy. I am also starting hocky on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Which will be fun because I have played hockey that much.

At tennis I love to catch up with friends afterwards because we love going to the skate park we all have a scooter or a skateboard to go on at the skate park. Anton, Luca, Flynn and Ziggy all do tennis in the same lesson.

I love to read. I read quite a bit over the holidays. I am into The Maze Runner series and I am up to the fourth book in the series The Death Cure. I am also into the Rangers Apprentice series. Of course I am a Star Wars fan and had to go to the movie at Hoyts.

Last year late June early July my family went to England because my dad is English. It was the first time I had been to England and it was the best time. I got a couple of toys from Harry Potter World. We went to see the making of Harry Potter and it was really fascinating because they actually made the Dursley’s house and of course I am a fan of Harry Potter.

At home I love growing different plants, shrubs and flowers we have a couple flower plants and we have a vegie patch full of tomatoes, mint and other stuff like that. I sometimes help my mum in the vegie patch.

I love watching the Australian Open on the T.V. Our family usually watches the Australian Open and goes but this year we didn’t feel like going so we just watched it on the T.V. I love just doing sports as well as watch them.

My holidays where full or fun interesting activates. We did lots of things but also we had a break from school which was good because we had just done a whole year of school with a 2 week break.


Why Jude is so lucky to have me in her class?

Why Jude is so lucky to have me in her class?

Oh man! Jude you are by far the luckiest human in the world to have me in your class because of multiple reasons. I am by far the best helper to kids and you. I am also an expert at I.C.T and as you I have been told you’re not the best. Well there’s a couple of them but I will stop or else I will go on all day.

Firstly I am the best helper in the world. I could help preps right through to the elderly’s. So I am sure I can help the class but also you. I have helped kids in most classes like last year when Kyle would ask for help and I would help. And if I couldn’t wouldn’t deny it. I have helped Jenny move all her stuff from one room to another and that’s why you’re lucky to have in your class.

Secondly I am an expert at I.C.T because my dad teaches new stuff about technology each day. My mum is head of I.C.T at her work and my dad is head of I.C.T and his school. And they both constantly teach me new stuff about technology. I have been an I.C.T twice in my time being here. When I was in prep and when I was in year 4 and that’s why you are lucky to have in your class.

Thirdly I am excellent at maths. I have been putting my all in all of the maths classes and I know that I can improve in many ways and you can each me but I might know something that you don’t and we can teach each other and we can have the best year together and that’s why you are lucky to have in your class.

Those are all my reasons for you to recognise that you are the luckiest teacher in the whole world to have me in your class. I am also lucky to have you in my class because I know you can teach me heaps of new stuff that helps me in high school.