100WC #2

fireflies-long-exposure-photography-2016-japan-19It was one of those days, again. Boring and absolutely nothing to do without using the gun we had. Until my brother came and asked if I want to go into the yellow forest near the edge of the cliff. I said “absolutely”. So we start our journey into the forest until see this swarm of yellow circles hovering as far as we could see. My brother grabbed one and it turned it a pot of gold worth a couple thousand dollars. Later that day I had picked up every yellow circle in the forest. We took it home and mum was aghast at the amount of money we had.

BTN New Zealand Earthquakes

I think that New Zealand couldn’t be better prepared for the second earthquake.

Firstly New Zealand had only recently had a 7.1 percentage on the rictor scale. Then not long after that they had a 6.1 rating. So they couldn’t have been more prepared than they already where. That is why New Zealand couldn’t have been better prepared.

Secondly New Zealand didn’t know that they were going to have another earthquake because scientist haven’t figured out how to trace if an earthquake is about to happen. They also don’t know where it is going to be. So New Zealand couldn’t be better prepared than they already where.

Those are all my reasons why I strongly believe that New Zealand couldn’t be any better prepared than they already where.

BTN Seed Bank

I strongly believe that the seed bank in the arctic is worth the money and here are my reasons why I think so.

Firstly if a country has a natural disaster come through and they lose all of their crops then they won’t have any crops to rely on but they can ask the seed bank for some seeds and they would get some seeds to start up the population of crops again.

Secondly if all of the crops die out then the country that the crops died out would have no fresh produce because all of their produce has died meaning everyone’s going to have to live of all of the food that the super markets have saved which won’t be very good because the produce they have saved over time.

In conclusion that is why we should definitely have a seed bank and it isn’t a waste of time.


Once upon a time on a day like today there was a beautiful sunshine that was purple. The ice like breeze was refreshing after the warmth of the sun being on you for several hours. But after the breeze had passed over I felt as if I could fly I have always wanted to fly. Once in my dream I flew from one place to another. I was frightened by the experience but I also felt special because I was flying and none of my friends where. Back to the sunshine. Our days are a mixture of different weathers in one.

BTN Leaders of Australia

Of all the leaders, I believe that my vote if I could vote I would definitely vote for Malcom Turnbull.

First of all Malcom Turnbull has had experience before he joined the government. He was a journalist, lawyer and a business man, which is going to help him when working with people and contributing their ideas to try and make Australia a better place.

Secondly Malcom Turnbull wants Australia to have a stronger economy through growth of student’s boys and girls doing STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) subjects so we can learn more facts so we can more medicines. He is also say things like ‘jobs and growth’ which is giving people more advantages for people getting employed and growth in making Australia a better home to us all.

Those are all my points on why if I could vote I would defiantly vote for Malcom Turnbull because he has had experience before he joined the government and also he wants jobs to have growth so kids and adults can get jobs.

Spinach Burning

Spinach Burning


To observe which spinach leaf will burn the fastest out of a thick plate and a thin plate.


I think the spinach with the thin plate will burn the fastest because there is less distance between the leaf and the flame which means it will get hotter faster.


  • Matchsticks
  • Two of the same sized spinach leafs
  • Thin metal plate
  • Thick metal plate
  • Two Bunsen burner


  1. Place one spinach leaf on the thick metal plate.
  2. Place the other spinach leaf on the thin metal plate.
  3. Place the two metal plates of spinach on the Bunsen burners.(which are OFF)
  4. Lit the two Bunsen burners at the same time.(the flame must be 6cm high)
  5. Watch the spinach closely to see what happens.


The thin pots leaf curled up and burned the fastest because it has less distance from the heat. The thick pot took longer than the thin pot to curl up and burn because it is further away from the stove top.






I think the leafs curled up after a while because all of the liquid has been sucked out of the leaf which means it curls up because of the heat getting to it. I also think the leaf burns because the liquid is evaporated and if you chuck water onto a fire the fire will go out. So the water is acting as a protection for the leaf which means when the water is evaporated of the leaf which means the leaf is going straight on to the heat.


In conclusion to my experiment I have learnt that spinach leafs will burn or curl the fastest when using a thin pot instead of a thick pot. Mt prediction was correct which was the thin pot will burn the fastest. Next time I would try using another type of leaf and see if the thin plate still burns the fastest.





Once upon a time there was a boy that loved yellow air- plane jelly. He would eat air-plane jelly every day because he could. When he got bored of eating air-plane jelly he would play the violin because that was his second favourite thing to do until one day his violin got swept away to the cities monster who had eaten it before I could get there to save it. He was so sad because he didn’t have a third favourite thing to do which made everyone sad in the whole city until they all decided to show him their favourite thing to do.

BTN Animal Testing

I personally think that we should never test cosmetic stuff on animals to see if the product is safe or not.
Firstly animals have hard enough times with their own life don’t need any more trouble with all of these scars, blisters and some others. The animals that you are testing the product is have to deal with it until it goes away. If they’re going to do it on animals then do it to us because for dogs and other animals we are the animals in their eyes. I wonder if we band all the brands that tested there product on an animal would there even be one brand left that didn’t test it on animals.
So, if you do see a brand that has tested it on animals call a place that looks after animals and when you do, do it you will feel it is the right thing to do.

BTN Circus Animals

My personal opinion is that animals should not be allowed to perform in the circus and here’s why.

Firstly the animals aren’t in their natural habitat which means that they don’t get to meet new animals of their kind. They are kept in cages away from the greenery and social interaction with other animals of their kind. Plus the animals might not even wont to be in the circus and are still being forced to do all of these stunts. The animals are pretty much in captivity their whole lives without seeing any of their spices.

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100WC #21

The big day had finally come after the long hard wait. It was the grand final in my soccer. We were half way in to the match when a whistle blew and everyone disappeared and I was the only person left on the ground I didn’t know what to when I hear the whistle blew again and I could see everyone on the ground again. The whistle never blew again and from that day on I had never felt better to have people around me even if it’s mum when she is being mean and bossy that’s the same with dad.